Should Malaysian students be taught in English or their local language?

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In Malaysia, people are now debating whether students should be taught in 'Malay', the local language or English. In Malaysia, most well-educated students want to go to college overseas, a majority choosing English-speaking countries. In Malaysia’s education system, English became the language of choice for that reason. This way, it’s easier for students to pursue their education abroad and Malaysian students, who study abroad in English-speaking countries, perform much better.

However, it is now said that the syllabus is changing back to bahasa malaysia because the government believes that it is our country's first language and we should learn how to communicate and study in the language as well, a controversial decision, especially in the Chinese and Indian communities.

Students who were taught in English in primary school are now struggling in high school where they are being taught in bahasa malaysia. I believe this decision is purely political. Why convert back to malay when the percentage of Malaysian students performing well abroad is higher than ever? I think we should just keep teaching a majority of subjects in English as the future generation of Malaysians will be doing business and communications overseas in English as well as working abroad and furthering their studies. At the end, I think it’s in the interest of the government.

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