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Today 30/06/2014 is the social media day. Since I woke up in the morning I have been reflecting on what real this day means to me as a social media user. I have a face book account, twitter, linked in,google docs ,blogs amongst others. But how well or bad do I use these platforms and what effect do they have on my life and those who view whatever I updated. To be sincere with you I have not once but many times had to unfriend some people after I felt they were posting things that did more harm than good to my life. There is no value having a friend who posts insults, nude pictures, false information , discriminatory messages. I can bet when the Mark Zuckerberg developed facebook or developed twitter did develop them as insults platforms. Did they?

To me social media is meant for sharing empowering messages such as building networks that will enhance our careers or enhancing our social life positively .While having a bad day at school or work I want to log in and get uplifted by someone else’s post.

I have read, heard and seen people commit or try to commit suicide after they were bullied on social media but really is social media supposed to do this? On this social media day I urge you all to use social media efficiently, effectively and wisely.

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