Social Media and Our Youth


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Running around the neighbourhood until it was dark, playing in mud, making cubbies in the bushes, why did it all of a sudden stop being a childhood? Social media and the advance of technology is the biggest culprit to the innocence of youth being ripped from them, like it was nothing. Growing up in a world where social media runs society children have advanced technology that we didn’t have 10 years ago, it should come as no surprise that children are growing up quicker and exponentially exposed to things that are much too mature for their age. Although this is happening right before our eyes, why hasn’t someone stepped in to make a change?

The growing epidemic that is technology isn’t the only thing slowly demolishing the society. The influences telling girls, especially, to be skinny, tall, pretty and straight up model-like. But, should this be what’s defining our youth; a number on a scale? A mere impurity? That unfortunately has been granted the power to demolish a teenager’s self-esteem and confidence in a matter of minutes.

Every girl goes through the time in her life where she doesn’t feel good enough for societies expectations and is pressured into changing herself. 10 years ago this issue was a lot smaller than what it is now because of the public lives everyone lives online. But this isn’t happening at 15 years old, instead it’s happening at 10 years old.

Youth are more inclined to be influenced by what they see on social media than any other forum. Girls are changing their body, in unnatural ways that are ruining them. When is this distressing behaviour going to stop? Stop pressuring. Stop changing the innocence of youth. Stop the outrageous expectations.

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