Social networking: Pill for self esteem?

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I sometimes wonder, why would a 13 year old teenager be so worried about how her profile picture on a famous social networking site (SnS) looked? Not going very far, and asking my teenage cousin the reason about this unreasonable trend, I got the answer. She said "It's because it makes you feel good about yourself, and the number of comments make you popular amongst your peers". To be frank, I was not very surprised. But still questioned myself, 'Why would feeling good about yourself depend on something foolish like that.' Sad but true, SnS these days play a vital role in one's self esteem. If your pictures, or status updates go unnoticed, it hampers self esteem in a way. It's a reason to worry, if incidents like these effect your child's thought process in a negative way. Being dependent on SnS and being victims of peer pressure to feel good about one's self hampers the individual's mental state. In the long run repeated incidents like these can also lead to depression, and other mental problems.

Go ahead! Make your child feel good about themselves, by letting them know that there is nothing wrong in being themselves and that they don't need any SnS and comments from others to judge them.

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