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These first days of May, going out on the roads seems like a persecution. The sun seems to burn everything outside, and the temperature is measured to be at around 40 degrees Celsius. It suddenly brings home to me the value of trees and greeneries, and unfortunately, I also find out that my home city is seriously lacking in trees and green space.

Been living in Hanoi since I was born, I am proud of witnessing its change of appearance. From the debris after the war against the US, Hanoi has stood up to recover so quickly. In several decades, my city has turned into a modern urban area. New facilities have been being constructed. New roads are added, new buildings are built, and that trend will not stop for a long time. These days, coming to the newly developed area of Hanoi, it is easy to find splendid residetial areas with high-rise buildings, and magnificent office towers on the side of wide and open expressways. However, developers seem to forget one thing: greeneries.

My house has a view of the biggest park in Hanoi central area, and I find it such a great gift to me. Every day, on my way home, I walk through the trees and lakes, and the air is uniquely cool, which I can find nowhere else. I mean literally 'nowhere else', because it is extremely diffcult to find one in the new, splendid areas I have said. The result is that travelling in these areas is always anguishing. And to those residents who live there, they hardly have any open space to breathe cool and fresh air. Their only choice during these hot days is to stay inside those buildings, and turn on the air-conditioners. I must say that the habit is not good for their health in the long run.

Indeed, new buildings, new roads, and new areas certainly beautify the city. However, urban development is much more than constructing those facilities. Concrete, asphalt, or glass can heat the air strongly, so green trees and plants are so important to keep the city fresh. Greeneries also make the city much more attractive and graceful. After all, successful urban development leads to an ideal city, which not only appears modern but also makes it residents feel comfortable while living in. DOing so without green space, I can be certain, is an impossible task!

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