Sometimes being young is quite hard!

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There is a famous quote, “youth is wasted on the young.” I don’t know how you feel about that, I on the other hand think “wisdom is wasted on the old.” And being young in this era is not a walk in the park, the life the older generation has created for us sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. We are better educated than most of our parents but we have to work twice as hard to afford the kind of life that could very easy to them when they were our age.

I have been waiting out for a meaningful job to come by for more than two years now. I have received various opinions on what I should or should not do. I have been advised of what I am doing wrong and how I need to change my approach. For instance my family just wants to see me working- my dad mostly. He is concerned. Every time we talk about my job search, my status has not changed yet. I want to work but the idea of doing anything just to pay the bills sickens me.

It is evident that what I care about and what they are concerned about are two very different issues. I don’t just want a job. I want meaning, purpose, and a place I can fully dedicate myself to because I know I am working towards a larger cause. I want to work for an NGO that actually delivers results for the people they are serving and not for the donor organizations. I want efficiency and result oriented action plans. I have done about three internships now since I cleared campus and in all three I have to say I was widely disappointed. My first was at a government office, the second with an NGO that works on social rights issues and the third was with a start up organization. Apart from the second one, the other two were largely just working to ensure they have a paycheck at the end of the month. The value they were supposed to add to the lives of the community members was largely overlooked. Innovation is largely brought out during the accounting process. It was quite clear that instead of accounting to the people whose lives they are supposed to improve accounting was done to the donors.

My fear right now is that eventually when I get tired of searching for the best, I will to settle for whatever I can be able to get. This means I will be disposed to the complacency characterizing the work environment right now and if I am not strong enough I will become the kind of person my present self loathes.

Being young is not as easy as we make it appear. The old generation needs to appreciate what we go through and the compromises we have to make daily.

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