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Flash Flood in Manado. Source:

Flash Flood in Manado. Source:

It’s January 2014, we are still in the beginning of this year. But it’s really sad to know that there are too many bad things that are happening around this time in Indonesia. We have discussed "Disaster Relief" as our debate topic about a month ago. Now, we will talk about some disasters occurring in Indonesia.

The first natural disaster occurred in September 2013 which was the eruption of Mt. Sinabung in North Sumatra, Indonesia. State volcanologist Surono said, “The 2,600-meter (8,530-foot) -high mountain has sporadically erupted since September after being dormant for three years.” Until this month, the number of refugees in several places around northern Sumatra continues to grow. In fact, there are some refugees who must be hospitalized because they are vomiting blood. It's also really heartbreaking to see children as refugees. Children have lost their homes, schools, playgrounds, have been separated from their friends and some of them have lost their families.

The second disaster is related to the climate and the heavy rain this month. Jakarta is located in the lowlands on Java island and has many rivers that drain from higher grounds. The higher volume of water flowing in the river and the heavy rains have caused flooding in several areas in Jakarta. People's activities have been disrupted by floods. Children can’t go to school, workers can’t go to the office, and many government workers can’t work properly because of traffic jams on almost every main road. Floods are also occurring in the other provinces in Indonesia, such as: West Java, East Java and the Central of Java, Yogyakarta and a little state in Kalimantan. When I can stay at home and live normally, I know there are many people outside who can’t even leave a refugee camp. They are living with limitations and have no idea what to do, but must wait until the floods recede.

The last and the worst disaster which happened at the beginning of this year were the Flash Floods in Manado, North Sulawesi. There were 13 lives lost and 40,000 victims evacuated. Mukri Friatna, the manager of WALHI for National Disaster Management said the reason for this disaster is the deforestation in the hills and mountains around Manado. Manado is a city surrounded by a large river that could not accommodate the high volume of water from the highlands, so it overflowed and caused a flash flood.

When we are talking about reasons for natural disasters, I’m so sorry, but I think humans, including myself, are the reasons for these disasters. I think humans are the first creatures that should take care of this world and the environment, but sometimes we forget about our responsibilities to do so. There are many good people in this world who always think and are concerned about environmental sustainability, but we can’t deny that there are also many bad people who are really selfish and just looking for a big profit, who don't think about the environment. Let's say illegal logging and clearing peat forests are examples which mean there are no creatures who can do those bad things other than humans.

I am really sad about this, but somehow I can’t always be mad over everything because I think it is not the time to blame each other. I send this message to the people in this world and especially for Indonesian people. This is the time to move on and work together. If you don’t have the time to take care of the refugees, just take your little time to “Remember” that we were created to take care of our world and future. Be positive, work hard for the environment and stay strong.


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