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Hey everyone! I'm Grace and im new here. I am 13 years old and turning 14 this August. I am from Indonesia. Well I hate bullying so much. Why should they do that? What's the purpose of it? To try and be popular? Seriously guys?! Do you have another positive thing to make you famous at school or wherever you are?

And you guys who get bullied or whatever someone did to you, i have some suggestions for you all.

You need to:

-Believe in God : I'm sorry, I am Christian so I believe in God. For me, you need to believe in your SAVIOR. Because He will help through every single problem that you face.

-Be confident in yourself: I just want to say that you are COOL with who you are. Don't care about the negative thinking or saying from the people that never think about themselves.

-Follow organisations: To have a friendly relationship or to make you more active, I guess you need to follow any organisations. Like youth groups in church, school organizations, sport clubs, or anything to make you active.

I think that's all from me. And I think you also need education too :) to make you more confident so a person cannot lie to you cause you know everything.

THANK YOU #StopBullying !!!

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