Stopping Girl-on-Girl Hate


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The #GirlLove Challenge

"Girl-on-girl hate is such a huge issue in schools, at the workplace and/or online"

To be honest, I have gone through this girl-on-girl hate situation many times in my life at my high school, or online. I have always ignored these kind of negativity but you know what, words hurt. No matter how hard you try to filter all these bad vibes, it somehow reaches you. Dealing with this situation is very hard for girls still in middle schools and I find that it's something that happens every day without people even noticing it.

I somehow managed to stay away from all these but millions of girls around are not able to.

So basically, girl-on-girl hate is where a girl tries to bring another girl down by making rude comments on her clothes, makeup, body and the way she is. It's being mean to other girls without no valid reason. I think it's some kind of bullying and we all seen those movies [like Mean girls] and all where the popular girl constantly tears other girls down. It may seem a bit childish or not-important to you but do ask young girls how they feel about it; this girl-on-girl hate game has crushed so many women. The video I posted, will shed more light into this matter and all the money generated from the video views will be donated to the Malala Fund, please take some minutes of your life to watch it and spread love not hate.

Why is it that women feel the need to spread the hate? "We all wake up with the same insecurities and doubts” so why this girl on girl hate thing? Every time you say something about “that girl” and hate her for no reason; every time you tear down a woman for wearing makeup or doing her hair before the gym; every time you put one type of “non-traditional” exercise over another, YOU are contributing to a world of GIRL-ON-GIRL hate. If we cannot come together to support our women, gender inequality has room to flourish. And, the world has enough place for all of us to shine so praise other women. Lift them up. Empower each other in EVERY facet of your life. Other women are NOT your competition. "Stop with the name-calling, the outfit judging, the rumors, the exclusion, and the drama. We’re better than that, ladies."

"It's time we get rid of this lame trend and come together to build women up" .We can sweep all the negativity around us with the #GirlLove challenge! Let us all challenge ourselves and stop bringing people down.

Let's end 2015 on a positive note by complimenting each other. If you are reading this post, remember to compliment another woman. Send a message or tweet that person, it can be anyone, your mom, a celebrity, a friend.

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