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This video was posted almost a year ago, and it seems like not much has changed in Syria. The war is still raging and innocent children are still dying. Looking back, I try to remember what I have done concretely to stand against this injustice and slaughter. Today, I am ashamed to admit that I have done absolutely nothing for the people of Syria.

The war is slowly marching towards its second year and all I have done is to follow attentively this gruesome massacre on TV. I now feel this penetrating pain in my chest and wonder where have gone my compassion and my humanity?

What is happening miles away from me should also matter to me. After all we are one human race.

If thousands of people worldwide have decided to fight for the people of Syria, why can't I do the same? True, I am no UN diplomat or know much about human rights, but I do have a voice and this platform to advocate for change.

Young people worldwide and here on Voices of Youth, let’s join our efforts and become together a powerful voice for justice and freedom. Every single post, Facebook status or tweet matters. We can make the difference.

As Barack Obama says, “the question for us is clear. Would we stand with the Syrian people or with their oppressors?”

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