Talking: A real-world solution

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Picture a city with cookie-cutter houses aligned and tightly packed together in the interior of brand-new neighborhoods lined with palm trees. All around, there are Latino women respectfully kissing everyone on the cheek and Latino men playfully greeting one another by vigorously patting each other's back. While they all discuss the latest chisme [gossip] and last night’s fútbol [soccer] game, the sun-kissed streets are filled with loud, energetic children laughing and kicking worn-out soccer balls.

Talking is one of my community’s favorite hobbies; it is all we ever do. When residing in America, a nation where speech is not only endowed as a right but is also highly encouraged, how could we ever remain silent? There are a variety of topics which we, Americans, converse about, but I believe that there is a lack of what we should be talking about.

Past the laughter and the chit-chat, there lies a resonating fear that sits like a fragile teacup upon a trembling shelf. Many of the families who live within my community were forced to separate from their own extended families in a country where their voices were ripped and grinded to dust.

The lives of mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, snatched up. Over 50 radio stations, news channels, research portals, and media outlets are on the brink of closure. Thousands of protesters are arrested.

This is my family’s country, Venezuela, and these are merely several of the shocking details concerning the state of Venezuela.

Venezuela is one of the countless countries around the world that suffer through hardships caused by corruption. Unfortunately, due to the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States penned by the UN, no state can intervene, directly or indirectly, into the economic and political affairs of another state. However, addressing these issues and donating to causes dedicated to breathe back hope into my people does help in paving a road to possible economic reconstruction, especially through talking.

Talking is only one of the many activities that spreads awareness and it is something most humans do every single day. It is effective, efficient, and simple, regardless of which medium you usually use to communicate. By texting, speaking, or writing, you become part of a movement much larger than yourself, and you are assisting in pushing your team, humanity, closer into a world where everyone gains the strength and confidence to stand up on their own feet.

So rise up, my fellow people, and begin speaking! If you see shadows covering the beauty of a country you once recognized, then bring those shadows into light. If you see a teacup rattling on the edge of a shelf, catch the teacup and hold it up high; let the world hear your voice so that actions can be applied to your words.

Start talking.

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