Technology - the inventor of Sexting

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Recently a friend of mine told me how a girl he met on a social network sent him nude pictures of herself for money - which he later sent to his other friends at a hostel. This and many more are yet untold of how teenagers send sexually explicit messages to flirt with someone and how some girls send nude photos of themselves because they were pressured by boys. "Technology, shaped our way of life positively but due to the misinterpretation of its usage, we flirt with its power and a great damage is done in our society. In schools today, boys take revenge on girls and girls retaliate too. The series of things sent via media and internet is not encouraging the growth of youth and teens generally. Social networks are meant to connect unknown persons together so that they can share thoughts together. It's so bad that the so-called networks are now an avenue for the transmission of vain words and pictures. Teens now contaminate the true essence of networking socially. At the expense of some youths' foolishness, lives have been lost due to the irritating behaviour they accommodate." A report from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, stated that: "An 18-year old girl, committed suicide after a nude photo she transmitted via her cell phone to her boyfriend also was sent to hundreds of teenagers in her school. Other students who apparently continued to forward the image, allegedly harassed the girl." A note from, most causes of this frivolous act are influenced:

1) Girls send nude photos of themselves due to the need for money and other materials.
2) Some girls send nude videos and photos of themselves to their boyfriend for fun - disfiguring the essence of womanhood!
3) Boys force girls into doing things they never thought of, and due to a lack of knowledge and awareness girls misbehave and they unknowingly spoil who they are. Well I don't blame anyone, if there were no technology, we won't partake in this act!

Thus, my questions for you are: should we encourage the ban on mobile phones, media and the internet? What viable means should we encourage to foster a change and how should we go about it? Do you think applying parental guidance to mobile phones, media and the internet is a profound step? Please, let's be interactive!

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