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A peer educator addressing students in a school, in Uganda.

A peer educator addressing students in a school, in Uganda.

There’s discretion.

There are societal demands and tolerances.

There’s what is socially acceptable and not.

But does this mean that we must hide the plain truth, before our eyes?

Just to please everyone else.

Or a few privileged people that don’t want to be smeared with our dirt.

Our dirt of our small and uncouth minds and mouths.

Where we speak our mind, freely, without the intent or hidden motive of hurting any body.

For we are just looking to correct the wrongs done by those that have come before us and with us.

We’ve asked many times to have a sit down with them about sex.

And get to have their perspective on this issue that has affected us, in more ways than they can imagine.

But it looks like no one is bending their ears to our level.

I bet that you were sent to live with your ssengaz when you begin speaking such big words.

Or you were bundled up straight to your uncles and Jjaajaz.

Who won’t have a problem responding to you, as far as your questions go!

I recall the very first time I asked Daddy about it.

Man...I had never seen the guy this bitter and on fire.

He literally wanted to lift the house off the ground in utter disbelief and anger.

For asking a question like that.

Can you imagine how I felt? And other very young people like me, innocent as we are, at that time?

When I look back at such times, I understand why many of us have grown up in the darkness about sex.

I say this because of the numerous reasons that have come up, with the years I’ve lived and managed to research in-depth about sex.

Many of our parents keep insisting that they can’t give away something they didn’t receive while growing up.

Others say that their family name shall be tarnished when they hear me asking such stupid questions.

Some others say that sex in Africa, is a matter that is only addressed in the bedroom and not anywhere else.

My problem comes in with the teenage pregnancies, STDs and STIs.

This shows that we have a much larger problem at hand, than we think we do.

So now, how about you, Mummy and Daddy sit me down and tell me what’s up.

Make the effort...

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