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Dear VOY,

Working with you has been a great journey. I honestly believe that you have made my life a more meaningful one by simply allowing me to write away my concerns on this forum. I have grown mentally and emotionally while reading what many of my peers have written from all over the world. I still cannot believe that I can share my opinion as openly and freely as I do beside my friends from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and beyond. I wish to commemorate my 1 year anniversary of membership and writing by giving an homage to you. This homage, although brief in length and breath, should deliver to you a message which I find personal. You see, I am incredibly proud of my country for the good that it has done for others. Simultaneously, I am equally proud of the UN and UNICEF for cooperating and bringing together over 150 nations from around the world to unite in common causes for peace, safety and prosperity. I love the UN; what else can I say? VOY, you have made that very love grow exponentially. I cannot express to you in an effable manner what may compose my sheer joy at the moment to be writing for you and with you. If I were a societal evil, I would be terrified of the mobilization you achieve through youth. My journey to finding you was an almost accidental one. After years of trying to find a way to contribute my services to the UN and UNICEF, I was out of luck and success. Finally, I set my mind to something simpler--a youth outlet. Eventually, I was lead to you. The media coordinators at the UNICEF headquarters were kind enough to let me be an intern for 6 months this past year. During those 6 months, I realized just how widespread and effective you were. You brought my writing to people in Ghana and Nigeria. At the same time, you brought my eyes to the writing of youth from the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Of course, your scope is not this limited. These are just a few cases of your greatness.

VOY, I cannot find a way to thank you for what you have done. Instead, I have decided to show you my gratification. I will not stop writing, I will not stop reading, and I will not stop thinking. Our world is intertwined, complex and completely volatile now more than ever. At the blink of an eye, a world economy could collapse, a dictatorship could rise, or a decades long war could come to a close. If it is so important, then, for me to know about my world, I'm glad I'm learning through you. Thanks VOY for your help over the past year. I'll be sure to keep writing.


Kriyana Reddy

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