The 6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Through Years of Dance

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Me, stretching before a class

Me, stretching before a class

Dancing is, and always has been, a vital part of my life. It’s a way to express myself without fear of judgement or ridicule. Through the 7 or 8 years I’ve been dancing I have learned more than just the steps, I’ve learned vital skills on how to live life.

The first lesson I learned was determination and commitment. By taking 5+ dance classes a week I have learned determination and commitment quite easily. Whether it’s missing a party because you have a rehearsal or pushing yourself even though you may be in pain, these things come easily as a dancer.

The second lesson I learned was memorization skills. Having to memorize my dances plus the dances of the little kids I teach piles up. After a while it becomes muscle memory, but I have noticed myself becoming better at memorizing everyday. This makes it so much easier to memorize things for tests and lyrics of songs for chorus.

The third lesson I learned was cooperation and trust. Working with a group of girls (and sometimes boys) everyday has taught me how to cooperate with others. In the situation of dance we all have to trust each other due to the nature of dancing. As I am a base in most of our lifts I have to trust the people I lift that they know what they're doing and they have to trust me to not drop them. This trust takes a while to learn, especially when you first start out dancing and you do not know most of the people you’re dancing with.

The fourth lesson I was taught was “if you don’t know, ask.” This is a big lesson that my dance teacher tries to enforce. When we are learning new steps we are taught to ask before we actually try them. If we don’t know the steps, but try it anyway we can end up confused. This is only our fault and can hurt our own learning. I’ve applied this to my learning in school, If you don’t know- ask. If you don’t and you’re still confused there’s nobody to blame but yourself, but even then it’s not too late to ask.

The fifth lesson is to never be afraid to try something new, whether it’s new steps for a dance that you’ve never done before or talking to the new girl in school to see what she likes to do. Dance has helped me open up and be who I really am because I’m no longer scared of the simple things in life.

The sixth, and final lesson is to be confident in yourself. I have brought this into my life in an unusual way. In dance the importance of this is to go full out in all of your steps and know that each step will connect to the next. In life have have brought this into my body confidence, proving to myself that I should be happy how I am and not let anyone change me.

No matter how mentally or physically exhausted I get I will still continue to love dancing, just like I always have. No matter my mood, if I just get up and dance it will make things 10 times better. So if you only take one thing from this article, please let it be that you need to always be confident in yourself.

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