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To the five people who have made my life five times happier, and whom I love with all my heart:

1. She is one of those people who you can call at 4 a.m just because you can't sleep, or there is something keeping you up. Maybe she doesn't show it, but she is so caring and so kind. It is a true blessing to be around her.

2. She is the prettiest teenager I have ever met and she has an extraordinary voice. She is the living proof of the saying that "talented people are always the kindest."

3. She might look tough and serious at times, but she is one of the funniest people I know. She will stand by you no matter what because that's just how she is, a truly amazing person inside and out.

4. He is literally the most hardworking person I have ever met. It is so inspiring to see the energy and the commitment he has. He knows his dreams and he will for sure make them a reality.

5. He is the funniest ever. He knows all our problems and we talk to him about everything. He listens to us for hours and I have never heard him complain. He is the kindest guy you could possibly imagine.

Thank you for always being by my side and for being as amazing as you are. To many more crazy years together ❤

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