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Free source: Photo by Santi Vedrí on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Santi Vedrí on Unsplash

Education for a long time has been regarded as the key to success by many, but is it really the key to success? I see scholars come up to defend this belief, but do they really believe in it?

For a long time now I believe education has simply been reduced to schooling- going through school and acquiring certificates which later are used as a basis of evaluation, not only in terms of employment but in several other aspects of our lives. This has been the norm where many see it as perfect. Education is important, but does it only entail schooling? And should it be the only determining factor when evaluating an individual, more so in relation to employment?

Our nation has had quite a number of problems with its workforce. There is a shortage of skilled, and not just skilled personnel, but experts who can handle higher level responsibilities or tasks. This has been a normal issue for quite a while now and yet we have Kenyans who are experts in other foreign countries and we hire them. I believe that certificates and education levels were considered paramount and abilities overlooked. This forces individuals to go where their skills and abilities are valued.

On many occasions, we come across astonishing news of how kids at a very young age, seemingly from America, China or Japan, have come up with superb inventions. I believe this is because their existing workforce is not being left behind, they are pushing development at very high rates and people's skills and abilities come before papers. I feel that this is what makes it difficult for countries like Kenya to keep up.

Failing to keep up with other nations in matters related to development, including lacking experts among other problems, go back to education in our country. We pin ourselves to books and class work and forget that papers (certificates) are not the ultimate goal. This whole idea makes education a burden, hence a majority of us just take up education for the sake of it.

Youth end up completing degrees and focus on being employed since they have the certificates, but in turn we end up having a high number of unemployed youth. It appears that this whole scenario comes about because we just go through school and that’s all.

Just going through school is not the solution to the current problems we are facing as individuals and as a nation. I feel that school only conditions one to think and behave in a certain manner, but somehow we keep asking why youth want to be employed instead of taking action in creating jobs and becoming self-employed. It is quite simple, when in school, we keep revising hard when exams are around the corner using what we already have and await good results. This is the same situation when youth are expecting to be employed.

How do you expect a young person who has been learning theory and conditioned to passing exams for four years to come out and think of becoming self-employed? This is equal to expecting the mango that fell down when Isaac Newton was seated under the mango tree to suddenly start going up.

All in all I believe we need to appreciate that our education system is failing us and we need to embrace change. Let us not start from scratch by just teaching theory, but rather improving the skills and abilities we already have through theory and have certificates to back up our abilities.

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