The beauty of silence.

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Just another typical day, a list to do with some undone tasks at the end of the day.

Waiting for tomorrow assuming it will bring exciting news and hopes that I have been waiting for.

Day after day, mornings are just same, checking my emails, replying to people’s messages, pushing myself to work on goals that I’ve promised myself to stick on for next upcoming months.

Walking through the same roads, with same steps and same stops. The world feels strange, it’s like the real world doesn’t feel real anymore! Our needs are being fulfilled by having a keyboard and a screen, smartphones, apps and headphones. Technologies include news, friends, emotions, relationships and knowledge but what’s left for the real world?

The world is becoming louder everyday, too many people are talking and too many voices to hear. If only it can stop for a minute just to enjoy having a world of my own. I actually find it strange – that many people didn’t discover this beauty yet! Maybe it takes courage to do that! To stop talking and start figuring out who you really are, discovering a new world within yourself. The more you dig into this world the more interesting you will find yourself, and the more you will worship these moments of silence.

Old people seem to be so linked to their past, recalling mixed memories of happiness, jealousy, wisdom, generosity and also anger. Sometimes I wonder, how we will be when we grow old. Are these the days that I’m currently living are the memories that I will be recalling and linked to! I wonder if my eyes will be rolling up of sparks too when I do so!

Families are growing apart, friendships?… I’m still trying to figure out what they really are about and if the world will holds me similar ones that my grandfather had and tete remembers – Ones that if they ever grow too old and get sick their families would be worried and scared of telling them the news of my death.

Love? The world needs so much love! But so do I. I guess it will never be a win-win situation, it will either takes all of what I have or I will get stuck inside this inner world…

Yeah! Just another typical day… - an outcome of some silent moments

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