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What about the burns we’re leaving on the Earth?

What about the burns we’re leaving on the Earth?

I had a minor accident a few days ago. My forehead, a part of my cheek and a small patch of my shoulder all burnt.

I asked for a mirror to stare at the person in it. My face with a burnt forehead. I smiled and shrugged and quickly put the mirror aside and nodded at the Doctor to bandage my forehead again. I don’t know how long it would take for the complete recovery of my forehead. For the current complexion of my forehead which is all pink and white with patches of black and dead skin to match with the brown complexion of my cheeks and nose and chin.

People around me are reassuring me because that’s the only thing they can do. And in some way, it’s comforting to find love and assurance some words can give you and some lovely people who find the goriness of the wound cool and awesome and yet wish for my well-being.

And even though, somewhere deep down I believe that I’ll be all good again, in a month or two, I keep questioning myself if it really would matter to me if I’m left with faint scars or faint outlines on my forehead, cheek and shoulder.

Maybe the scar on my shoulder will be replaced with a pat of pride by my father when he sees me happy for being who I am, true to myself.

Maybe the scar on my cheek will be replaced with a kiss of love from my mother who’ll always find me beautiful, not because I’m her daughter but because I believe that I can be a good human being.

And maybe, the scars on my forehead will be replaced by the blessings of Mother Nature when I’ll still be able to feel the raindrops and sunshine and the touch of petals and coolness of Tilak on my forehead.

I’m very grateful for the wound could’ve been severe. I have very faint burn lines around my right eye and I choose not to imagine the horror it would’ve been had I chosen to wear lenses that day while cooking food (how the mishap of hot boiling water falling on my face took place).

And even though I was in pain, as if the hot water had set fire to my face and nothing was able to stop the fire on my face, I was laughing in the hospital. Because I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want my parents to panic and or the doctors to worry about me, and so I kept laughing.

I still have big dreams to achieve and I just feel low at times, just like I did a few moments ago when I saw myself in the mirror. But I believe that this is temporary and the blues in my life will be gone just as quickly as they came.

Besides, what about the burns we’re leaving on the Earth?

What about the fire brewing inside the Earth?

What about the cutting down of coolness in the form of trees and leaving nothing left to cool down the Earth?

What about the melting of the ice caps on the forehead of the Earth - we’re still here doing nothing about that burn?

And the worst part is these scars could be permanent if we don’t give the love and assurance to the Earth just like my family and loved ones are giving me.

And I wonder, what the Earth would think, if she somehow found a mirror of her own and saw her reflection in it. Would she too just like me smile and shrug it away and laugh, or would she cry and weep and wait for her doom and find herself with permanent scars on her forever?

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