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As the global community increases the access of quality education to its younger generation (children), our African continent still remains on a slower pace to achieving quality education. Data has proven that if we (Africa) continue with such a pace it will be 2086 before an ordinary rural child in Africa obtains a quality education.

Now, based on the above statistic, we the future of African (children) are demanding our government across our continent to see reasons to invest in education which is the primary source of brightening the future of Africa. The children of Africa want a child friendly, free, quality and compulsory education for all children. Time is running out on our governments to increase their educational funds. If they must secure a better future for Africa, the time is now to act!

Invest in our education! Invest in our future! You have ten (10) days to act, be a part of the Global Partnership for Education summit in Brussels, Belgium on June 26, 2014 and make a commitment to increase investment in the educational budget of your country!!!

We are the future, so our own future must be prepared!

Henry B.Garneo II

CHAIRMAN, Liberia National Children and Youth Advisory Board (LNCYAB)

Ethiopia DAC Celebration Education We Want

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