The Elements

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Earth (Rim)

Our earth gives birth.

Every second, every day, every month...

She creates life and beauty.

So, protecting her, isn't it our duty?

Mother earth has been bleeding for years.

Let's all help her dry her tears.

Water (Dashatha)

The elixir of life, the savior of beings,

Forced in a struggle to survive

Her sanctity pillaged, Her purity violated

The human child’s forgotten liberator

Only a matter of time

It will be missed

As life be threatened

But a bit too late

We should not be

Air (Rim)

The feeling of the fresh air

Messing up with her hair.

Murmuring in her ears.

Urging her to dry her tears.

And let go of her fears.

That wind,

brought freedom to her mind.

Fire (Dashatha)

The warmth that breathes in life

The light that spreads brightness at night

It consumes but not without giving back

As moments pass, it creates and destroys

Prometheus the hero stole blazing heat,

giving the power of forging new life

also burning up desire

It is the element of transformation

Supple yet intense,

Bring in the sparkling change

This piece was written by Darshatha Gamage and Rim Ben Haj Yahia.

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