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Introducing myself.

Introducing myself.

‘I am soil, water, wind and spirit – a peculiar silhouette of this combination, unfolding my own myth, I am no different than Mr. President, only bearing a distinct face for good'.

The lines are repeated. Unsatisfied in echoing my old stale self, this is when I chose to decorate my conscience in silence. Weighing my presence in the meters of being a Pakistani, a to be-dentist, a social media lover, a philosopher, a bibliophile and an uneasy soul who just can’t keep her business off when it’s about youth rights and corruption.

So I sipped in the traditional Tea (Doodh pati), that unfreezes my mind. Felt the crisp morning and walked along myself in memories of how the past years have brilliantly pricked me. I am Farwa Manekia, a proud Pakistani, a 3rd year medical student, an elder sister and a daughter. My tombstone identities. A family oriented picture has been painted. Alas.

Ever since I was selected as Kennedy Lugar – Youth Exchange and Study Program scholar back in 2009 - owing to which I spent 10 months in the beautiful State of Michigan, USA, living with an American family, studying in an American high school, exchanging cultures - I realized how kaleidoscopic blending cultures can be. Fabricating a peaceful, hardworking, creative and rightful image of Pakistan, I successfully erased plenty of misconceptions harbored. My land has been posed to threats of terrorism, corruption and obsolete traditions for long, but we preach the same golden principles of peace, harmony and serenity to our generations. We’ve been fighting an identity correction battle. But we haven’t forgotten to love. You’ll adore how we open doors and offer you 3 cups of tea to make you family, how we take pride in sharing tales absorbed in the lush valleys up north, our Malala’s fight for education, how we counter obsolete traditions, how our martyrs proudly lift up the green flag, our food, our vibrancy, our literature, our culture!

My story is all about letting people know that they have rights they should guard and stand up for, that breaking and divorcing silence is a need. That it’s not okay for radicals to snatch our land and spread terror and most importantly, that change begins when you decide not to accept any discrimination. That’s how I want to shine here during my voyage through the Voices of Youth internship!

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