The future belongs to you(th)!

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My name is Artemis. I'm 17,5 years old and I am from Greece. I finished school this year, by taking national exams in order to attend a university to study journalism. Unfortunately, it didn't go well,so I didn't score the marks that were needed. Now, I hope that the upcoming results will be more positive and show me that I'll have the chance to study Sociology. But my big dream is still journalism.

Due to the debt crisis, things are difficult in my country. Many people are unemployed,especially the young people who choose whether to find a job that it is not even close to what they have studied, or to go to another country, such as Germany, USA, Australia,even Qatar.

But,even though things are difficult and nobody knows what the future brings, we strongly believe that things will get better. Let me give you some piece of advice: dare to dream. No matter what people say, the future is yours. Stick to your dream and fight hard for it. Remember; hard work will eventually pay off.

Thank you for reading.



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