The intro to change

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Earth is a planet of prosperity and knowledge. It's been around since the dawn of mankind, and now we have reached the year 2014. We have reached our worse. The truth hides, and the lies are shown. Think about that. Freedom of knowledge and the freedom to protest. The big thing I want all of you to think are the problems and threats that our world faces. Imagine a world without fear, corruption, war, chaos, lies, poverty, or hunger. Think about that because our world has reached the complete opposite of it all. Although everyone plays a role in the reasons why, we can make the change one step at time. We can make the world a better place and that can be done. Ten percent of this world wants to. But the other 90% does not actually focus on world problems. We are going to change that. We just need to raise people up and change the Earth. No war, no protest has to happen. The answer to it comes from one idea.

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