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Every potential employer seeks and cherishes potential employees with great job experience, a high quality education and self discipline. Imagine yourself in the reality of the average American, Asian or African story- As one of four siblings, growing up in an impoverished area in a developed or developing country to a dysfunctional and drug addicted family, where so many limitations bridged your quest for a higher education. Finding an employment or critically the first job with such an average, everyday credential in this millennium economy is not just challenging but chances are zero to none.

As an average immigrant whose story is told above, I urge all CEO’s of companies, major or minor, who believe are making an impact on the lives of the youth of today by just measuring the dollars they spend on youth charity projects from a primary social need of feeding the poor hungry kids to sponsoring youth sporting events to re-evaluate, I challenge them that the true sign of success is not a measurement of whether these companies are a source of aid that helps people scrape by but truly, it is whether they serve as partners in building the capacity for corporate and social transformational change. Give the youth fishing poles not a fish for it is far more beneficial for the youth of today to own a share of Nikes than to own a pair of Nikes.

There exist no perfect teacher than history, From Singapore to Malaysia, history vividly tells us that countries prosper and experience sustainable development when they invest in their people, preferably the youth to develop a skilled and resourceful workforce. This does not just create room for small and medium-sized businesses that create jobs for the people but it also ensures there is a ready market of human resources for corporate ventures to tap into to efficiently minimize cost and social pollution whiles at the same time maximizing profit and products.

How can such a platform be achieved? Aid is not an end in itself, the true purpose to which assistance should be given out to people is to create a condition in the future where assistance will be no more needed; that is when we will truly have self independence and autonomy. Education is a key, but not the only key; there exist other channels, like illiterate youth empowerment through skill enhancement in the form of craftsmanship, woodcarving, glassblowing and other useful skills.

We all have the right to education, but we do not all have the means to education; I believe it is a social role of today’s businesses to offer assistance and a means to education for the disadvantaged and underprivileged youth. We must all come to bear the value of every child and certainly, a human brain is a terrible thing to waste. In today’s world, we should govern and act according to our conscience and in the common interest of humanity. When a child’s quest for higher education is stifled upon by limiting resources, it diminishes us ubiquitously.

Concluding, I urge business ventures and the corporate world to join hands with the youth of today to build a healthier and a sustaining future.

Edgar Akuffo-Addo

19 Years

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

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