The meaning of 'NORMAL' in your life dictionary

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Pexels/Julian Jagtenberg

Pexels/Julian Jagtenberg

When difficult times in life make us fall into sadness, sometimes a thought appears. "Why is my life not 'normal' like other people's lives?" Everything that deviates from the 'normal' path you always consider 'disgraceful'.

"Why don't I have a 'normal' family? Where Mom and Dad get along, I have siblings to be proud of and a family that is warm and very close?"

"Why don't I have a 'normal' body shape like everyone else? Why don't I have 'normal' skin color? Why don't I have a 'normal' body weight? Why don't I have a 'normal' face shape? Why don't I have a 'normal' voice too?"

"Why was I created to be such a sensitive human being? Why am I not just born as a human being with 'normal' feelings like everyone else? Why am I so easy to be sappy? Why is my mind so weak? Why don't I have a 'normal' mentality?"

"Why don't I have a 'normal' life journey? Why do other people with the same status as me have a better fate than mine? Why don't I have a 'normal' love relationship? Why? Why? Why?"

The above questions are only a small part of the questions that often come to our minds. It's easy for us to stack these various questions when we are at the lowest, deepest, and worst point.

There's nothing wrong with being part of a collection of life stories that are far from the word 'normal'. It's not about the story, but it's about how you respond and deal with it.

God and the universe bless you through a different path from others. Don't you feel special? You are chosen because God and the universe know that you have the ability to handle it.

Instead of regretting it, why don't you embrace the shortcomings you have in life? Change your perspective on things that you consider 'disgraceful'. Try to look at them from a positive angle, and you will find the meaning behind it all. Don't forget to always be grateful and do your best. Remember, things always happen for a reason.

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