The Missing Truth

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Unitika Schlawenger
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In this age of darkness we need some light.

In the brightest of times,

We need more sparkles to shine.

In the shockingly electric streets,

Is missing one piece.


Willing to actually glow.

Without looking at the mirror,

Outdoors did you ever go?

What’s natural,

When everything artificial flows?

What’s beauty?

When there’s make-up,

People just making up,

False beauty,

For the show.

Where’s friendship,

When it’s just through screens,

How techy, have we been?

If we even Skype dinners in between.

I don’t blame science,

Or even technology,

Nothing advancing.

But everyone receding.

From true morals,

From true views.

It’s time the streets glow,

With human nature.

With equality and unity,

And no discrimination.

No facial criticisms,

High heels or sneakers.

Just humans,

Shoulder to Shoulder,

Heart to Heart.

Because truth is beauty,

Beauty is truth,

That’s all I knew,

And all ye need to know.

- Unitika Schlawenger

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