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Dear VOY community,

It's our pleasure to introduce to you the new batch of VOY Blogging Interns! The interns are a diverse group of active young people with a variety of geographic, academic and personal backgrounds. A short introduction of each intern can be found below.

As of this week, the 20 bloggers will provide you with inspiring weekly posts, offering you their thoughts, insights, opinions and worldviews.

Everyone is invited to interact with the interns by commenting on their blog posts and engaging in discussion! Equally, the interns are excited to read your posts and will not hesitate to share their thoughts in the comment sections of your posts.

We hope you'll enjoy the interaction and as always, happy blogging!

Andrea, 16, Italy

My name is Andrea, I am 16 years old and I live in Italy. I am a secondary high school student who enjoys many different activities, from reading and listening to music to watching movies. I also love travelling and I hope I will be able to travel to many countries in my lifetime to learn about different cultures and their customs. I am also passionate about multiple global issues, such as education rights and gender equality.

Andrew, 22, Brazil

Former suicidal found happiness helping others and making the world a better place. Student of environmental engineering and passionate about social impact, founded a university based NGO to engage fellow students in the same purpose.

Anna, 19, United States

Carrying a stack of books between my arms, blowing blonde, stringy hair out of my face, swinging back and forth to music, contemplating the recent news headline that I’ve just read, and most likely about to run into another person, that is me. I’m a student, a writer, a reader, a traveler, a listener, and an activist. I’m here because I have a voice and I want to start a conversation with you.

Begimai, 20, The Kyrgyz Republic

I am a freelance journalist, from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am an alumna of the American University of Central Asia, Journalism and Mass Communication program, class of 2015. Currently, I am based in Poland, studying Women's and Gender issues.

Caroline, 23, Kenya

I am a spontaneous small town Kenyan girl yearning to make a difference. My greatest desire is to live in a world where the word 'oppression' is just a noun and 'equality' a verb. My friends make me happy, movies too :)

Christina, 19, Lebanon

Hello! My name is Christina Batrouni, and I’m from Lebanon. I am an English Literature student at the American University of Beirut. I have always had a passion for writing, theatre, and all sorts of art.

Devonnie, 17, Jamaica

I’m an almost-eighteen year old revolutionary from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. I have an innate passion for the Arts, especially writing and communication. I want to help change the world, and I will - it’s my purpose.

Farwa, 22, Pakistan

Greetings! This is Farwa Manekia, a proud Pakistani national, a dental student and everything else you can expect from a fella who experiences frequent adrenaline rush. I am observant and sensitive to changing trends and people. Writers are my favorite category of creatures - they help me trap ocean in the ink. I have a conscience that keeps on yelling that the world isn't the best place to live in, and I am the one who has to change it. So I learn, teach, share, acquire, listen and read just for one cause - a better world!

Ghita, 17, Morocco

Hi ! I’m Ghita. I’m 17 years old, just another teenager that wishes to have an impact on the world, and leave something useful to the upcoming generations. I’m a wannabe binge watcher that wishes to discover one day how to connect the brain to the Internet, so that I won’t waste days just to know if Sheldon will one day become less like a cyborg. My role models are: Aaron Swartz and Maura Isles.

Jack, 14, United Kingdom

As a pupil studying History, Modern Studies, French and Philosophy, I am interested in current affairs, politics and international relations. From debating and public speaking to acting and playing the piano, I love learning about how the world works. As I live in Scotland, I also like a bit of bagpipe-playing, Irn Bru, tartan kilts and Highland "Coos"!

Julia, 20, Turkey

I’m from Turkey and currently studying at a liberal arts college, focused on global challenges, in the Netherlands. My life generally revolves around my cat and what I enjoy most is spending time with my family and friends. I also love traveling, discovering new places and collecting stories. I hope to create awareness by sharing my experiences and ideas through writing, photography and art. I’m quite uncertain about my future, but excited to discover where I’m going.

Kearoma, 22, Botswana

Kearoma Mosata is first off an insatiable bookworm, a writer and a pan-african feminist. I am interested in gender issues more so those that deal with young people and women empowerment. I love travel and hope to one day have one of the 7 wonders as inspiration for my writing.

Kyay, 22, Myanmar

Full-time dreamer and part-time writer. I'm from Myanmar and I'm currently in my final year studying International Relations at a university in Japan. I'm passionate about reading, creative writing, education and human rights. My life's purpose is to inspire and be inspired.

Lam, 16, Vietnam

Asian, high schooler, jack of all trades, master of none, thoughts clashing like a bad outfit. I wear socks that don’t match and read books that don’t fade; my friends don’t mix and my family doesn’t blend in. I’ve no problem labouring over lengthy essays or complex equations but get skittish writing a 4 line self description. Pleasure to meet you.

Lightwell, 21, Zimbabwe

My name is Lightwell. I'm crazy about Jesus. I believe in bringing change, insight and transformation to the world around me because life is not always about following certain paths. It's about questioning norms and if necessary going where there is no path and leaving a trail for others to follow.

Michael, 23, Germany

I am a German student who tries to be funny and subvert stereotypes by not being always on time. However, that’s irrelevant, since I am passionate about the idea of the world as a “global village”, in which nationality does not matter and all kinds of people work and live together.

Natalie, 23, The State of Palestine

Natalie Esmail, a 23 year old Palestinian. Been living and fighting to live my life the way I want since the day I was brought to this world. Honesty, modesty and optimism are my key words to this life. And writing is the way I express my inner light. I believe that whenever you want to do something, you just got to believe in yourself and in your capabilities and then you're as free and big as you wish.

Pearl, 24, Uganda

A vibrant and loud person, who will laugh any chance she gets. Life's never that serious and when it is, it should never be treated as such. Especially when it is. 'Extreme is the only way to do things because half and half just won't cut it'.

Salam, 21, Syria

My name is Salam and I'm only 21. I study biology and I manage to run a multidisciplinary career track. Because I'm dedicated and passionate about youth, women, health and education, I found the best way to implement change is through being a global citizen - I aspire to use my skills to achieve real impact in my community.

Sorita, 18, Cambodia

Currently a sophomore at university, I'm especially interested in print journalism. I've always enjoyed writing stories. Now that I'm getting more into reporting, I realize being a journalist is essentially being a storyteller too--just with real stories. I'm also at a stage in life where I'm becoming more self-aware and pushing myself to try out new things. My favorite past times are reading, watching edutaining videos on Youtube, pondering abstract thoughts and physics concepts, and of course, spending time with my loved ones.

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