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Living in the UK, something I and many others take for granted is the National Health Service. A service that is provided free to all at the point of use. Admittedly it is the UK taxpayers money that funds the hospitals, but for your average person this means you do not have the worry of paying costly operation fees if you do fall ill.

But now stark reforms under the Conservative government means many West London hospitals are facing closure. This means that what was once one of the world's best health services is now a sub-standard one, or so I understand it.

I can name 4 hospitals, in which all of my grandparents have at some point been treated that are facing some form of closure.

I must confess at first I was naive and believed what the Conservative councillors were saying in that these 'closures' would increase efficiency and better the hospital. But now I see. The hospitals are being shut down, in what can only be described as a 'land grab'. In fact proposals suggest that 55% of one hospital is to be sold off, and the land used for redevelopment into luxury flats.

So where are all the patients meant to go? Well, I have no idea. But the suggestion made by the people at the top is that St Mary's in Paddington (where Prince George was born) will have to cope with the extra patients.

I must admit I was delighted when I received the letter from the House of Commons, sent by my local MP, who is supporting a campaign to save the hospitals. But I must admit I was disgusted to be informed that many hospitals are being closed (I suppose someone had to tell us). Instead they are being replaced by luxury flats, which will most likely be sold to wealthy foreign investors.

Maybe I'm being slightly ungrateful for free healthcare. Or maybe it's that I like many others are concerned that a world-class health service is being ruined.

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