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Four daughters of Mrs. Patterson

Annie,Becky,Mon and Mickey

bubbly girls brought up with love

were thrilled when mommy gotta playbox.

Their playbox had no dolls

instead a needle,a thread,a net

At times, needle tip turned red

or the thread lost its way.

Four minds had own antiques

The chaos got broomed,

Red pricky finger healed,

lost thread landmarked joints.

Fabrics in pink,gold,purple and white

looked like absolute delight

with butterfly wings at the back

and tiny pearls ravished the flair.

Raw entities soon enclothed

Masterpieces hung up on wall

Tyros turned to pros

Not just one but four.

Mrs Patterson sighed

not the sigh of relief

when each one liked

"the other fairy dress"

One who made pink loved the purple

One who made white loved the gold

Floor length piece envied the adorable mini

and the backless scoffed at full sleeves.

Mommy spoke for the sake of airheads

Wings were fairylike, adorable mini a glamour

Floor length revealed royalty flow

Sleeves threw a classic claire

Praise your own antique

Applaud that uncanny power of yours

then adore the wings and pearls of-


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