The Plight of Nigeria's Legacy

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A Pictorial Map of Nigeria

A Pictorial Map of Nigeria

Legacy as the word sounds and implies, takes its meaning synonymous to ethics and values passed down to generations. Though, Nigeria as my domain and lineage, I hate to say, I grieve in bewilderment of unremorseful deterrence within my subconscious. Its state I longed to see way pass when it deserved.

Self-preservation and fulfillment is a resolute nature that scores if not devours, thawing enough the heart of its gearing non unanimous thought. I would hopefully like to take a smooth and serene journey way back to the days it enjoyed the non-skeptical works of great minds and competent personalities. Such an ordeal to which these figures have the country’s interest best in their minds with no any other matter of doubt crawling within. Dignity, person, integrity and dedication to those they meekly consolidate with hypocrisy not but solidarity.

Namely Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sardauna of Sokoto) and scores of them. Owing to the fact of their opposing religious and ethnic bigotry worked together in solitary as one. They were role models and mentors to take after and supposed to as a patriotic citizen of this great matter, I mean country. They were our founding fathers, brave hearts and positive milestones of blessing, humbled with unwavering faith, negligence to self-weary needs but upright to initiate perpetual positivity and growth of their country men and women.

To talk of bold beat, they were scholars in their own way of confiding in their selves and with all, were not antagonistic and confident enough. To say not that concocted with xenophobic vituperation, but rather evidently fighting for a course to say nation building and as one for greatness.

Nigeria of yesteryears was a forefront, and amongst others an epitome under the leadership of these people who were always prepared to place the National interests above their personal interests. Nigeria was making strides. We no longer have that kind of leadership. Nigeria as a country was decent and morally sound. We had a political clout that made us acceptable to all African countries. Today as I keep saying, we are no longer what we were. The institution of family has broken down, respect for elders and constituted authority that used to be a cardinal principle in our society is now in its lowest imp. Honesty wide does not pay has become meaningless, symptoms of revolt loom large in the horizon, insured today there is meaninglessness in philosophy, insecurity in polity, immorality in society, corruption in economy, frustration in art and even lack of creativity in literature (Dr Yusuf Maitama Sule Dan Masanin Kano).

Under the leadership of these past personalities, Nigerian we were mind-positioned to gloat and holding our heads high at international places, conferences and gatherings due to the confidence having deep seated in their hearts for the country. Now, our people no longer feel that way, but stutter even dull on a low key ashamed to be observed as Nigerians.

I soberly and deeply regret to have to say, that Nigeria we as citizens not be left asunder have failed due to the voracious rate at which leadership had stricken us hard and monstrously.

We all have to indignantly wake ourselves up from the effects. This killer-pills is having deterring our good moral tides to the face of injustice. I am confident we can take a course against these transient rogues I abhor incessantly.

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