The Power of Helping

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Photo from : Unsplash

Photo from : Unsplash

According to Google the word help means, "Make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one's services or resources."

I would like to know…

What does help mean to you?

Help is something everyone needs and when we receive it, we probably feel loved and grateful towards the person who offered it to us.

A couple of weeks ago something happened that marked my heart.

I was at work and decided to take a break since I was feeling stressed. During this time I called my mom to speak with her and while I was talking with her I saw the door that leads to the elevators area opened. Standing there was a young girl who could barely walk.

I immediately ran to her and tried to give her my hand to help her walk. I asked her the typical question "Are you okay?" She obviously wasn’t, but the question at least helped me to find out if she could still talk since she was looking really sick at that moment. She barely answered me with a "I think so" so I took her arm and helped her get into the elevator. There was another lady who didn’t hesitate to offer help, she took the girl´s backpack and we went with her to the lobby area.

While we were walking, two other people offered us help with the girl.

There I realized how beautiful it is to know how people care about others, that there are still flashes of kindness and love in a world where we often only hear about wars and negative news. I was glad that I was not the only one who realized this, the lady who was with us tried to start a conversation to keep the girl awake saying "Look how many people care about you, there is still humanity in the world". Those words definitely clicked in my heart and activated something very special.

The power of helping others is huge. While we have life and health we have enough resources to offer support to others. We don’t need to have our hands full of money or a bank of food to help. It’s enough with your willing heart and desire to positively impact others.

"Give without expecting anything in return, because by sowing the good in others you will be harvesting for you and your generations"

- Michelle

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