The power of reaching out to the "Unreachables"

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Surely we have widely agreed that "education is power", "education is a way out of poverty", "education is a ticket to a better life" and so on. These slogans are very familiar and almost banal. Why they are banal? Because they represent such a simple way of thinking, and a simple way of thinking underlines a poor organised and structured way of acting. Who needs the most "a way out of poverty"? Who is desperate for a better life? Who could use a whole lot of power to sweep themselves out of a heart-wrenching place, of a minimal payed job, or many other alike situations? The answer would be the "Unreachables".

They represent a layer of society where little government help and support reaches them. Where education does not reach schools because children do not reach out for school. Where charities have no effect on the overall situation as they can't reach to everyone. Simply these people have become "out of reach".

So where does their power lie? Why do we have the feeling that contrary to what the norm is - that they represent a burden to the society and the economy, by reaching out to them we could do a whole lot for our overall well being? Why is the first step towards reaching them exactly that - providing education to them?

It is all quite simple - the power of reaching out to the "Unreachables" lies in their economic potential. They are a powerful workforce, a powerful set of thinkers, of doers, of inventors, of anything they could become if they had education in their reach. They have the knowledge of survival - how to continue living and functioning even at the bare minimum - knowledge every society needs in case of a crisis. They are practical and frugal.

How can a regular citizen reach them and help them? There are so many possible ways if one has the patience to wait for long term results. Volunteer at a local daily educational center for children out of school or on the street. There isn't one in your community? Set one up! With impromptu donated supplies and the facilities of a local school wonders can happen! Establish various donation stands where school supplies can be left. Find educational games and create an innovative approach and present your idea to the nearest concerned NGO or school.

Who knows, maybe your future best friend is in one of the Unreachables that you will give a hand to.

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