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Mother's Love by Natalie Holland

Mother's Love by Natalie Holland

On the edge of the world

Lies a beautiful girl

She looks near and far

Waiting to find solace

Her eyes sparkle like a sapphire

Blue glistening reflection

Eagerly searching

For answers

Lips as red as rose

Reading out a message

To be sent up and above

For the lords to hear

“Oh almighty”, she mumbled

The hands held tightly

On her knees she was

She began her


Riches was not her request

It did not entail glamour

It was never for mansions

A Rolls-Royce did not even make it close

Tears rolled down

She remembered as she begged the gods

“I was wrong”, she assured

The girl was harsh

She was rude

She did not realise

It was a mistake


When it is no more

She needs it more than ever

The bestowed blessings

Of the dearest

She remembered

The warmth

The compassion

She missed feeling

Of being loved

No longer can she feel

The eternal love

Of a mother

Today, she knelt

For those above

The bundle of joy

Held on her arm

Her first born

Just as she was,

Cuddle on her arms

Tightly holding on,

Now she learned

Her mother’s love

Is eternal!

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