The Response for the "Guidelines For Industry On Child Online Protection"; Thanks to UNICEF, ITU and VOY

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First of all, I want to say thank you so much to UNICEF, ITU and the other partners for the “Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection” and also to Voices of Youth for the big chance and the place to share my thoughts about this topic. I’ve been waiting for this kind of guideline, and I write this post as my response to the guidelines and the article, “What Should Companies Do to Make the Internet Safe for Children?” which was published by Voices of Youth about 4 days ago.

I’ve read the guidelines with a big smile on my face because I think the contents and the rules are really complete and clear. I have no idea about what the Government, Industry, Mobile Operators, and The Internet Providers will say or do about this reminder of their responsibility, but I don't think it was something hard to do. I’m sure if they have the great capability and legitimacy to create a new technology, they definitely have the ability to arrange the system of New Information and Communication Technology to protect children’s rights and develop online safety for children.

Now, I will talk about the problem among the Children in Indonesia. Especially, when they know about the Internet. I’ve left the comment on this article ( and it was all about my concern to the children in Indonesia. As I said in the comment space, I think It happened because there are so many Internet cafes that not only provide internet connections to help people, but also allow a space for people to find information, complete assignments and works, and use online games. The users, including children can use the Internet connection as long as they want, they just need to pay for it. It’s really dangerous for the children because the owner seems like he/she doesn’t care about the children and only cares about the profit.

I really worry about this issue because it also happened to my little brother and his friends. They can spend 5 hours playing online games in the Internet cafe. Luckily, I can always remind him about the dangers of online gaming at his age. And I am really grateful because my parents can provide us the Internet connection at home, with the safety program provided by the Internet services provider. And because of that, we can keep an eye on each other. Back to the issue, I found the fact in a report (You can go to the link at the Sources space to download the report) and here is an important statement;

“Data was collected by standard questionnaire for Lemmens with 7 addiction criteria to 71 school-age children in internet gaming online shop in Jatinangor Sumedang. Respondent who include to not addiction category if have <4 addiction criteria or addiction category if have ≥ 4 addiction criteria.The result showed 38% respondent include to not addiction category and 62% respondent include to addiction category. Summarized that this research was addiction level happen in school-age children. Parent, teachers, and health educator should do any intervention for health education about playing games in children, for example through workshop or seminar at school and family therapy.”

That is the result from 2012 of a region, not the whole Indonesia. Because I’m sure, it also occurs in Jakarta and other regions. I always wanted to let people know and care about this issue. I really want to share my post with UNICEF Indonesia, so that we can work together, make a specific plan, and also involve the other awesome youth, organizations and institutions in Indonesia. I can’t wait to share the contents and the rules in the guidelines, at least to my family and relatives or perhaps make the campaign in the name of youth and children’s right.

I want to make the technology as the "People's Unifier" based on awareness, togetherness, monitoring, problem solving and peacekeeping. Our life is surrounded by The Technology and The New Media or Social Media. We just need to use and maximize the technology to contribute in the process of change. The process are include; Realizing the issues, Understanding, Sharing, Discussing, Problem Solving, Field work, Evaluating and Reporting.

I believe, there are so many talented and clever youth out there who have a big dream, a big idea and definitely understand the purpose and the way to reach their dream. In order to find a creative solution, young people should be listened to and trusted. We really know that we must try and work hard to make our ideas, plans and dreams come true. We absolutely can’t work alone, that’s why we need the other young people to work together. The most important thing is, the support from the legitimate institutions and organizations.


Download the report in Bahasa Indonesia,d.bmk

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