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It’s been some few months after the dreaded Ebola Virus was excommunicated out of Nigeria by a greater divine force, greater than the doctors and scientists we have In Nigeria. The virus caused a high level scare in the minds of the fearless average Nigerian but despite that, God saw us through.

It gave me the courage and boldness to beat my chest once again and identify with my fellow countrymen. A lot of things began to occur during the period when the scare of Ebola Virus (EV) was high. Institutions that have never thought of personal hygiene developed one, schools, banks, offices etc developed hand washing hygiene as part of their safety measures and people stopped the habit of exchanging pleasantries through handshakes. The one thing that baffled me most was the disappearance of the once popular bush meat spots and palm wine bars along major express ways across the nation.

I wondered, are these really our highways where we used to see countless numbers of bush meat hung on poles along the roads for travelers to stop to purchase food? I was glad to see this development, mostly that these rare species of animals are being kept alive again. However, more recently, while on a transit, I observed the resurgence of bush meats again.

I was kind of surprised that these fearless Nigerians are back in the forests to hunt for bush meat despite the warnings that these bush meats serve as a major host to the dreaded EV, which to me I don’t believe it’s the cause of the virus but at least I was happy it worked for a while to protect, preserve and conserve our wild and rare animals species.

Lost in thought I realized that it takes a dreaded occurrence to convince us that we must protect and conserve our wild which is not suppose to be.

Our environment is our life and so is our responsibility to protect and keep it safe.

A comrade once said ‘‘if you want to destroy a people destroy their environment’’ and that is exactly what we are doing to our wildlife, destroying their existence and driving them into extinction.

Let's not fail in our duties to our environment to keep it safe at all times, we owe nature that because nature has the same rights to live just as we humans do.

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