The Right To A Free Education

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Education. A world without knowledge would be lost, just as child without education is lost. The basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy, do not only give someone a tomorrow, but they help a person on an intrinsic level. Consider someone in Africa, who has not been to school, it is not just skill’s that is lacking, but also the opportunity to learn and grow through what they read and learn.

Considering this, education then remains to be one of the most vital things a person needs, to be socially and emotionally capable in this world, besides from food and water. Education has changed, woman may not take home-economic classes anymore and there is not as much gender bias, but Children need a safe environment, in which to meet peers and to emotionally develop. - For many , it’s a safe haven away from the possible emotional strains at home.

Many people say that schooling is pointless, and that skills are learned afterward. Even though life itself seems to somewhat resemble a school, the 'school of life' you cannot really and truly participate in life, without an education. School is a human right.

So my question is then, if schooling is mandatory and vital for all, then why is it not free? If each and every child deserves a future, then surely a government should provide it?

Its seems as though third world countries such as South Africa, where I live, struggle to grow in the economy, because of the lack education available. It is said that over 46 million African children do not have access to school. Then what chance does the future hold? Is it truly a just political system, if the children who need education the most, are deprived of it?

Logically, of course, a third world country is a third world country because of its economy, yet how can that improve with no free education? Whilst education is free in most first world countries.

This brings bugger questions into view. Could the money spent going to war be spent on education? Is that not a priority? Whilst it may not be so simple, and saying so may sound naïve, I can almost guarantee that ignoring the education situation, is dangerous for the future. The future is the children of today.

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