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I’m not really supposed to tell you this because awesomeness is not for everybody, but here’s the secret recipe to being a rock star online.

YOU + Passion + Internet = Awesome

I should know. I get to spend my work days tweeting and surfing the Internet, as I hunt for great stories to share with the world. Some of the very best have come from young netizens like Scottish schoolgirl Martha Payne.

Martha started blogging about her school lunches back in 2012, in a blog called Neverseconds.

Here’s one of her early posts: (see photo 1).

It wasn’t long before kids from around the world began sending her pictures of their school meals, too. Check out this tasty looking lunch from Taiwan: (see photo 2)

Martha created a Food-O-Meter to rate her meals, and now millions of followers check in to see what she's been eating for lunch. She’s also become a powerful campaigner for healthy school lunches for all children around the world, and raises money for the charity Mary’s Meals.

That’s just one story about what something as simple as posting a photograph on a blog can do. How inspiring is that?! I hope Martha’s story has given you some ideas. I can’t wait to see what you have to share with the world. Just remember — YOU + Passion + Internet = Awesome

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