The Somali Crisis

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I'm sure by now you have heard about the famine in Somalia. The famine is arguably one of the biggest tragedies that we have faced this century. It's hard to think that in a world where people waste their money of frivolous things, like mansions and sports cars, that there are people literally fighting every day, just to be able to get what would be considered even less than a light snack In first world nations. And then consider the drought in Texas, it has the potential to last the next decade. Texas could reach desert conditions, now because Texas has a much better infrastructure than Somalia a famine would probably not occur, but water shortages are just a few missed rain cycles away from happening. It opens up the possibility for conflicts over water between farmers, ranchers to keep their hope of making a living alive, or even between cities over who gets rights to lakes and rivers that flow through several communities. Of course we are not at that stage right now. But in Somalia they have burst through that threshold of water scarcity to humanitarian crisis, and more attention should be brought to it. I believe that besides individuals making an effort to inform the world about the situation in Somalia, the media instead of making the crisis a one day headline should keep it in it's headlines until the crisis has passed.

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