The Standard Of "Sexual Health" In Nigeria

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© UNICEF/SLRA2013-0012/Asselin

© UNICEF/SLRA2013-0012/Asselin

The issue of sexual health has been a heart-ache in the domain of growth and its fundamental right. In Nigeria, there’s a redundant development in both men’s and women's sexual health. We (men&women), in most cases experience the same circumstances. Some girls are raped, which results from the deformity in social and health status, lack of respect and rights. Boys experience some abnormal behaviors as a result of poor environmental factors, being in the wrong peer group, the lack of sex-Ed and above all poor home training. The notion for the fundamental dedication of change is an abstract concept put to practice by uneducated and inexperienced dictators. What we need is a change, a turn-around from the illusion that all will be safe and sound. Girls have become an object of mockery and abuse. There’s a gross increase in stigma, which emanates from unwanted and unhealthy sexual intercourse and HIV, as well as other demographic circumstances. The worst of all this, is the lack of respect shown to girls (Especially in the northern parts of Nigeria).

I have recently noticed a meager increase in medical utensils made available by the so-called government. Even at the expense of this unqualified rise in standard, there’s still a turmoil between men and women on who is to use these medical service and when to use it. “Inequality” has curbed the value for a characteristic change in health services rendered to Nigerians. Today, medical doctors in government owned hospitals go on strike mostly for an increment in salary – with little or no maintenance and materials for health services. Sexual health is a FACT of life. And as long as there is reproduction, Sexual Health is needed and should be (RESPECTED, PROTECTED and FUFILLED) in respect to every man and woman. Another subject that greatly disturbs is the decry of provisional aid in the facilitation and tackling of the defaults associated with health services rendered and a very low attention given to (Affected HIV and unaffected persons). Segregation is the source of ‘Inequality’. The rich gets all the attention that he/she needs and the poor man or woman has his/her rights neglected. An even social status attributed to sexual health is one cure to the ill practices portrayed by the lack of decency and inequality.

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