The State of being Divided

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The State of being Divided

In a world overcome by hate and disunity people have started emphasizing on barriers among themselves that separate them into various groups rather than as fellow human beings. Our reasons of separation are endless be it through the rifts of religion, nationality, social class or even our skin color. Yet we seldom look upon the many commonalities between us, those which truly characterize us.

In light of this I wished to share this detrimental challenge and I wanted to do this in a creative and slightly humorous way. The video basically tells the tale of my personal challenge through the eyes, voice and body of a ducky named Aowny who in turn shows the human disunity through his chick friends.

Even the video is made in a light way, the challenge is still one which is colossal and is faced not just by me but the whole world. Thus we all need to join hands and unite the world and this video is a small way of initiating that.

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