The Value of Education

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When the topic is all about studying, most probably you will see students rolling their eyes over, if not complaining, about the hellish examination they have recently undergone. While a very few have almost painted success at the back of their minds and have viewed the great horizons that hopefully awaits them, some are still searching, not even sure about how they are faring so far. Indeed, studying has been one of the most compelling and yet most overlooked issues teenagers face today, not because one is obliged to go through this phase but because this has a huge effect on our future. And this has to be taken seriously most especially by us, college students, who are one step closer in facing the “real world” that awaits us.

For me, education is a never-ending process. True. Two things one should never get tired of are learning something new- it is through this that we learn to appreciate the world and that it really has a lot to offer; and being the best persons we ought to be- it is through this that we find meaning in our lives and make it counted. Education is not a preparation for life because education is life itself. It is one’s irreplaceable treasure that would be the greatest gift not only to us but most especially to our parents, and our future family. It is the most precious gem that no one could ever steal nor buy and at the same time, it is your weapon to any battle.


Not always. Though education undoubtedly is a significant aspect in one’s life, no one can ever equate having a college diploma to success just as fairly reaching 2nd year high school to an immediate failure. I believe acquiring education just gives the edge and maximizes our potentials and capabilities, yet it still depends in our drive to succeed and excel in what we are doing. It is also in the same manner that getting an A+ mark doesn’t automatically guarantee success but we can say that you’re one step ahead of others with these. Hard work must be given and learning must be applied.


There’s nothing wrong with being GC. It’s your grade after all, not anyone else’s. i know for sure that nobody wants to see that evil and sinister mark that is either 3.00 or 5.00 in their report cards especially when you know you do not deserve it and if you’re confident enough, you could have done better. Grade consciousness is a reflection, a form of making ourselves monitored closely and accountable to our academic performance, and an alarm clock reminding us to be the best we can be in every academic rigor we hurdle. Also being a grade conscious only shows that we’re concerned with our grades as we value the hardships of our parents undergo just to be able to send us school. And if you thing being GC is being nerdy, think again.


Intelligence is nothing without diligence. There are many students who have exceptional skills and wit, yet tend to fail or receive poor remarks because of overconfidence matched with indolence. In fact, hardworking ones who really spend time reviewing their lessons most often outdo innately intelligent ones. I believe these two factors should go hand in hand.


While many factors could be attributed to why a student fails, ultimately, it’s the student’s fault still. No one else but ours. I believe 95% of the students flunk their subjects is due to irresponsibility. Most of us point out family and financial problems, inconsiderate professors, difficult subjects, and so on as the culprit. Apparently, students are ultimate blame shifters as well; blaming other people, destiny, and sometimes even God for failures they’re accountable for in the first place. (Natamaan ka ba? Tagus-tagos ?? Ahaha :p )


Personally, I have proven this possible. Yes, we must take studies seriously, but we should not forget to balance our lives. It is better to have a leisure time after a very tiring day of studying. According to Ecclesiastes verse three, “There’s a time for everything. There’s a time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to be sad and a time to dance.” Know your priorities. Have a balanced life.

We may view education differently and weigh it uniquely; still we all end up with the thought that education is important to each of us. Every opinion we come up with reflects the education and experiences we’ve had. Knowledge attained from education is God’s gift, a gift that should be maintained and developed; to be used not for one’s own good alone but for others as well.

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