The voice to your silence

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Photo by RebeccaBarray

Photo by RebeccaBarray

I’ve always wondered how it would feel to be surrounded by complete silence. Not the kind that you would find on earth. But the kind of silence that is so real and solid that it feels like an actual place, and not just a lack of sound. The kind of place where you wouldn’t even hear the sound of your own breath or of your own heartbeat. The kind where your voice, or the loudest of your screams, would be engulfed by the darkness, and lost in the shadows. The kind of silence that would show you fear.

A fear so strong your hands would shake, and shivers would run down your back. Your breath would quicken, but you wouldn’t even be sure, since you wouldn’t hear it at all. Your blood would race through your veins, at a pace you didn’t know it could. But is it really still flowing, even though it makes no sound when it is pumped by your heart? And no matter how fiercely you yell or how much your throat burns and your lungs ache, nothing will come out. The silence will remain.

Are you really shouting out, if the note won’t pierce the air? If no one can hear you… if you can’t even hear yourself… Are you really there? When a fear grips you so hard, but you can’t hear it coming behind you, what kind of fear are you really facing? Is it the fear of not being heard? Is it the fear of not existing? Who are you if you have no voice? Who are you if you speak but no one hears you? Who are you, when you are forced to stay silent?

But then it stops. It stops dead, and the fear is replaced by peace. And therefore it makes you fearless.

Fearless in front of the blackness of the silence, of the uncertainty of your existence.

Fearless in front of the blackness that humanity holds for you.

Fearless, because, when you come back to reality, you know who you are. You know that your voice is yours, and that no one can take it away from you.

You know that your voice defines who you are, and you know that you are going to use it.

And that you are going to be heard.

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