Think About Them Before Celebrating Diwali

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Every time a sparkle lights in the sky, spare a thought of Chitra- one of the nearly 40,000 children toiling away in Sivakasi district fireworks and match industry.

She has her burnt half her face and body. Her mother complains that it would cost Rs. 2,00,000 for the child's plastic surgery and that no one has helped her daughter.

The economy is one of the reasons responsible for child labour. Poverty forces parents to send their children to work in these industries. Employers take advantage of their economic conditions and force them to work at low wages.
Sivakasi is a small municipal town in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for 3 types of industries: fireworks, match sticks and printings. There are nearly 50 fireworks factories. 90% of Indian fireworks are produced here. Nearly 40,000 workers are directly employed and 1 lakh indirectly (paper tube making, box making, wire cutting). 16 factories covering 4,181 children, out of which 3,323 are illiterate. They work from 3am until 9pm.

4-10 Rs.2
11-14 Rs.6-7

They don't have enough time or money to spend on health issues. Asthma, TB, skin diseases are prevalent among 90% of them who are involved in gun powder filling and are directly in contact with chemical ingredients of crackers and matches. The sparkles in their eyes could be lost in seconds. Every child has a right to enjoy his/her childhood. All such practices are to be abolished once for all, without leaving its traces for future generations.

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