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Free source: Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we´ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”— Barack Obama.

Have you ever thought of being a superhero, capable of transforming the world to make it a better place to live? A place where we can all live together without complaining and judging each other? A place where we can be comfortable with being ourselves? Personally, I have. We are not perfect, but I believe that if we all start working hard to make changes, we can. For this, we have to reconstruct the way our society thinks and the way we react to unsteady situations in our life.

Changing the way we think into a positive mind can help us see the world in a different way. Often, many of us complain about everything, maybe something is not the color we wanted or it just does not fit our concept of style. Also, we frequently punish ourselves when we get something wrong or don't act the way we wanted to. All of this makes us feel stressed, which further reduces our ability to tolerate challenges and lead us to being a non-supportive person.

The solution is that we have to learn how to keep a balance in life. We attract what we think; so, if we keep complaining we are literally saying to our life, "Hey I want to keep complaining my entire life, give me more things to complain about". Instead, we have to appreciate what we have. There are people in the world that don't have what you have. For example, while you protest doing homework, others wish they could go to school.

Furthermore, we have to recognize our mistakes, not by regretting them, but by learning from them. “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something,” Morihei Ueshiba said. In other words, see the world with a positive mind, where nothing bothers you, but helps you to be a better person.

Reacting in a peaceful and calm way helps us make satisfactory decisions. It is common for us to regret some choices we made or words we never said because of being in a moody moment. For instance, once I was really mad at my teacher for an unjust decision he made, that I decided to not study for the next test. Obviously, this was not the best way to fix the problem. It just brought me a bad grade. I learned that with challenges it is better to wait until we calm down, than taking hasty verdicts that will bring us problems in the future. Moreover, an excellent technique that has helped stop me from doing things that I should not do, is thinking that, "No matter the conflict we are going through, everything will pass sooner or later. At the end, we will see it had a purpose". In addition, my mom told me “Good or bad, everything is to learn and grow”. This has encouraged me many times; so, I suggest we all keep it in mind.

As noted above, we can all improve as human beings if we start working on our positive mind, to see the world with new eyes and learn to stay relaxed even in the worst moments. As a result, we can make wiser decisions. If we all do this, I assure you that we will have an exceptional world, where we appreciate what we have, who we are, and tolerate others different opinions.

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