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Ready for Christmas here in Edinburgh!

Ready for Christmas here in Edinburgh!

My name is Jack Liddall and I am 14 years old. I live in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. Scotland is one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom; in turn, the UK is one of 28 countries which make up the European Union.

So already you can see, I belong to quite a few “communities” which influence who I am and in what issues I am interested. Consequently, there is an almost endless list of things of which I am proud!

But there are two “communities” which directly affect my daily life. One which I am particularly proud of is my school community. I attend a state-run secondary school of around 800 pupils and in August we got a new headmaster, Bryan Paterson, who has arrived with an enthusiasm for enabling every pupil to achieve their potential. I believe that it is indisputably crucial that we uphold every child’s right to flourish, no matter their background, and at my school, our headmaster is promoting that message: that all have an opportunity to stand up and speak, to excel in anything and everything they want to. That is something I am extremely proud of. As Mr. Paterson tells his students: “In all that we do, only the best will do!”

Here, you can visit my school’s website and read my head teacher’s blog:

The other “community” is my church – I belong to the Church of Scotland and am involved in its youth movement. My church has just appointed a new minister who starts next week. Her name is Ute Jäger-Fleming and she has worked in Thailand, Burma, Germany and now Scotland. There is no doubt that she will bring an international outlook to the church and her message reinforces how much society should value the experience of youth, in all communities, be they at home or abroad. Ute has told me that young people everywhere seem to be “looking out for each other” and “welcoming new experiences”. She says “Young people seek a place where they can be themselves in the company of their friends, in other words: they are on the lookout for peace and happiness to share with others.” Isn’t that just such an uplifting and inspiring view on young people today? What I am proud of is that she clearly values the contribution of youth and will encourage young people to discover their unique gifts which our community, our society and our world needs

It is so important for young people today to find their voice and feel safe in making it heard. I for one am proud that I belong to a community where young people are considered important enough for a head teacher and a minister of religion to stress the importance of their voices being heard.

And I am proud to belong to a city which is diverse and multi-cultural and opens its doors to all nationalities from all over Europe and beyond. I am looking forward to highlighting some of the issues young people in my community are passionate about but just as importantly, listening to what other young people the world over have to say.

Moreover, how proud am I to belong to a country which prioritises the views of young people to such an extent that it has declared 2018 to be the “Year of Young People” which will celebrate young Scots locally, nationally and globally

Hello world! Make way for the Voices of Youth!

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