This is not a love poem

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Shorouq Tarek
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It all started with closed eyes

and a feeling in my gut telling me

How this is unfamiliar, echoing my failed tries.

"Promise me, to never carry me." All my voices repeat the same line over and over again.

There is a river down

my spinal cord,

that sends signals repeating "runaway",

I swear if you leaned closer

you can hear the water’s sway.

"Promise me, to never carry me." Ticking in my head. Restlessness; is all I feel.

I am trying

I am trying to get out of this body and transcend into space,

To find peace in between the tiny molecules of air.

I know my tongue acts as a defense system,

as a gun without a lock,

My first and safest act is to throw fists at everything.

"Promise me, to never carry me." Unexplained racing heartbeats. Horrible suffocation.

Promise me, to never carry me; because I never knew what it feels like to be embraced until that day you sat down in front of me, and all the voices hushed down, and my throat seemed dry.

Promise me, to never carry me; because I was once hit by a hurricane; a hurricane that was simply air I thought I became friends with.

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