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The Mighty Leopard
Image Credits: Ismail Salahudeen

The Mighty Leopard Image Credits: Ismail Salahudeen

The dim rays of light slowly, but steadily, outcasted the darkness of the night. The patterns painted on the heavenly skies were a resemblance of the grandeur of the mighty sun. I stood simply on the edge of the “Heenwewa” reservoir awed by the beauty of Mother Nature. On the far end of the reservoir was “Vidura”, the young tusker dipping in for his morning cup of water.

I sat on the natural stone bench that lay off the water. The air was so fresh it smelled like air and not like smoke as it does in the city. The beautiful “Green Bee-Eaters” were simply flying around with a sense of freedom much unknown to me. The sound of water splashing not far from where I sat indicated that the great crocodile was not far away, yet the innocent herd of deer slowly strode to quench their thirst.

The calm and silent surrounding on a land filled with wildlife surprised me. The “Yala”, by far the most popular national park in Sri Lanka, is home to around 100 tuskers, 60 leopards, 215 species of birds and millions of other beasts. It is also home to a strange stillness that is not found in the so-called developed human civilization.

The freshness of the nature got me thinking. We have lost more than what we have gained through industrialization. In between the high mansions and the super luxury Mercedes, we forgot to live. The hours spent in and out of the crumpled office spaces and the jammed roads of the city has left us nothing. Our greed has devoured us.

As the morning dawned, I simply got onto our jeep as our guide “Lahiru”, vowed to show us a leopard. On a Monday morning, you would expect less off-road SUVs or mechanical beasts as I would like to call them, but it was not to be. Among the many others we stood at the infamous “Y - Junction”, for a leopard to appear. It did not keep us waiting for long, as the beast calmly stepped out of its comfort zone. Although the beast could be seen it kept a considerable distance from us- the human monsters. Then it disappeared into the thick forest.

It was majestic and it was gentle. The golden skin with the black spots was simply a reminder of the grandeur of the leopard. “Hamu” as it is called was in search of its breakfast. There is little doubt on the simple fact that humans lost their way in the process of evolution. In the transformation from a simple lifestyle to the industrialized materialistic drive, the human civilization lost its “humanity” in a temptation for greed. “Hamu”, the majestic leopard hunts for its food, but only kills what satisfies its needs. The more presumably intelligent human, destroys the earth for its wants.

It is fierce and it is sharp. The rest of the beasts fear the leopard. But, the Wild Buffalo stands strong. It does not frail at the sight of the leopard. The leopard fears the Wild Buffalo. The bliss of the nature taught me be calm, but always fight for what is right, just as the wild buffalo stands against the leopard.The acceptance of this truth is the silver lining of the dark cloud.The human civilization is in an attempt to backtrack the centuries of destruction in 15 years, and with true commitment and dedication, I believe it is possible

Over 7.5 billion humans currently roam on the surface of the earth. A great majority still holds the environment dear to them. However, a few of us continue to feed upon the essence of Mother Nature, leaving nothing untouched. Our actions have resulted in climate change. It is striking fast and fiercely, just as the leopard. Let us be the Wild Buffalos who stand and fight against climate change. It is time we work together for a sustainable world.

Let us be the Wild Buffalo, to the leopard who devours upon our nature!

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