Today, we rise for... What do we rise for?!

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We need our society and we need it to be a true "pack",not just a group of unacquainted citizens, but a real community. We need to "grow back" all those morals, which society lost throughout the centuries - trust, compassion, love, ambition, knowledge, respect. We need to learn how to live by the maxima "In MAN I trust". We need to help each other, in order to help ourselves. Freedom doesn't lie in solitude, it stands in complete unity.


This is a cryout. This is a call. It's a question, which I've been asking myself for quite a while. This is the social-political-global manifesto of an 18 year old.

What the hell do you want?

The world is catching fire in a combustion for freedom. In this little reaction the spark varies but remains the same in nature - a violation of basic human rights - the right for a truthful vote in Bulgaria, the right for personal identity in Bosnia, the right to conserve your nature in Turkey, the right for a non-corrupt government in Pakistan, the right for a safe police and a good public policy in Brazil. More than 20 countries world-wide have started anti-governmental protests just since the beginning of 2013.

People need to feel respected. People fight or their freedom. Nations are trying to conserve themselves.

Now the real question is "What brought this on?" The answer is very complicated at first, literally hundreds of flaws exist in every single "democratic" government at the moment. Countries can barely handle all the hatred, al the anger, all the hunger, poverty, lack of education, awful social policies, harmful ethnical differences, deadly political games and corrupt parliaments. But in reality, the answer seems to me, to be quite simple. The functions of the government have been genuinely forgotten and absolutely twisted. The government is now ruling the people in the nave of their parliaments. In stead of doing what it is supposed to - ruling their country in the name of its people. The Political Machine is being used as a money-maker, every policy is tied to a business strategy, politicians are economical magnats, who view the country as a system, which can only contribute to their business and the people as a mass-entity, a function in the mathematics of world economy. Everywhere.

And when personal interests are ruling a country, democracy is absent, society is manipulated and crushed, values like compassion, love, friendship, morality and equality are exterminated like viruses.

We are, today, witnessing an intelectual uprising. An uprising, fighting for intelectual freedom, for true freedom. It took centuries for the modern world to establish a definition for freedom, after being held in chains, amongst slaves, monetary, ethnical, religious and sexual inequalities, living in the dark ages of politics. Today, it would seem, the world has finally realized that freedom means responsibility for others. It needs intelligence, it needs equality, it means making your own choices and seeing them through. And it is impossible, without others, contributing to your own freedom. It's impossible, if your choices are not respected by others. If your weaknesses are not supported, instead of mocked by society. We need our society and we need it to be a true "pack",not just a group of unacquainted citizens, but a real community. We need to "grow back" all those morals, which society lost throughout the centuries - trust, compassion, love, ambition, knowledge, respect. We need to learn how to live by the maxima "In MAN I trust". We need to help each other, in order to help ourselves.

Freedom doesn't lie in solitude, it stands in complete unity.

We have to ask ourselves, though, what the hell do we want?!

Once again. Over again. Until the answer is perfectly clear, and we all start fighting for it, together.

All I see, even in the protests, is violence, rage, death, cruelty, loneliness, suffering, hunger, and the absolute lack of justice, anywhere. All I can see outside of the protests are wars, poverty, famine, disease. All I ca think of is the LRA and numerous other partisan fighters, taking little children and turning them into killing machines at the age of 10, 11, 12. All I can see are the destroyed streets of the formerly beautiful Aleppo, a Syrian civil war, which caused more than 100,000 casualties, in the name of our so-called freedom. Images of starved, molested, psychically altered toddlers and children in orphanages like the Bulgarian "Mogilino case". Tibetan monks, tortured and killed, for nothing but a religious war, dating in history some other horrific religious wars, which caused millions of casualties. Wars, in the name of money, oil, religion, ethnicity, even sexuality. People dying from starvation and dehydration, while others stuff themselves so much, they have to vomit their food. Nuclear attacks, and nuclear threats. Women in silk clothes, with polished nails and bizarre hairstyles, slide out of their expensive cars, passing by crippled old people, who can't feed their families. Industries, based on beggars, human murder turned into media entertainment. Animal torture for fun. Mass depression over the population of the wealthiest countries. Honestly, I can't see a brighter future at the end of the tunnel. I can't see that these protests will lead to a future world, where I would want to raise my children.

"The large turnout and geographic spread marked a rapid escalation after smaller protests last week against bus price increases led to complaints that police responded disproportionately with rubber bullets, tear gas and violent beatings." On the protests in Brazil

"Estimates of deaths in the conflict vary widely, with figures, per opposition activist groups, ranging from 72,960 to 96,430. UN high commissioner for human rights, stated that: "This is most likely a minimum casualty figure." The real toll was guessed to be over 100,000." On the war in Syria

"Protesters battled the police in Cairo's Mohamed Mahmoud Street over the slow pace of change in Egypt,after thousands of protesters had returned to the streets around Tahrir Square demanding political reforms and the prosecution of officials blamed for killing demonstrators as well as to protest against Morsi and the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood." - On the protests in Egypt, 2012

"On February 14, 2013, a one-day event was held, a call for one billion women around the world to join together to dance in a show of collective strength.The event was held on the 15th anniversary of the V-Day movement. The word "billion" refers the statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime, or about one billion." on the V-Day movement

At the end of the day, when we go home from the protests, we go home to this.

At the ned of the day, the world remains the same. People fail to grasp the bigger picture. The global problem. The fact that, freedom will only come, when we change this. When we change the globe. And this, we can change, by protesting every day, but not out in front of our governments, but inside our own homes - by changing our relationship with our family, by forming bonds within our community, by fighting to convince every man we meet, that change is necessary, and it is within our grasp. By uniting, by fighting not just for our own freedom, but for the freedom of every human. By standing together, for each other, next to each other.

Surprisingly enough, the first such move, which I have seen in a protest happened in Bulgaria. The police was more than respectful, it was compassionate to the citizens of Sofia, no fighting emerged, no gas, no beating, no arrests. The police stood barely moving, or speaking, "with a distinct note of sympathy". In return, the protesters bought and delivered water to the police men and women, who stood like this throughout a 30degree heat for 6 days now.

That, in my opinion is the biggest riot against the so-called System, I've heard of recently. It's a direct disregard of any differences, implied and in-bred by social and political standarts. It removes any implications and acts on human sympathy. Not being a "good Christian", not fighting for your "Muslim brothers", no women's solidarity, just simple human-to-human compassion.

That's where the revolution begins. By showing with simple everyday acts of kindness, how the world should be. Against the odds, against what the social situation makes you put up with. Forming not a Bulgarian, Algerian, Syrian, Muslim, Christian, lesbian, gay, black, white, indian, asian, book-loving, computer-addicted, or WHATEVER community, but a HUMAN community.

If we want to fight for our own rights, we're going to need to fight for everybody's rights.

So, if you're going to start a riot, start it within yourself.

What are you going to rise for tomorrow?

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