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A child is born, a resource to our world;
Her first thought is not the right vote;
In her mother’s arms she’s curled;
Her eyes full of hope.

She cries because she is hungry;
Her mother’s heart aches,
For she has no food to give her;
But it is that which she needs.

A right to food, a right to a home,
A right to feel safe, a right to roam;
The world awaits her vote but she awaits a meal;
It is that which the world must give her.

Her mother’s love, a warm plate;
She now has strength to think, she wants to learn;
Knowledge is what she yearns,
Yet, her teacher tells her, her misery will end when she will marry.

Education is not just a classroom and a teacher;
It is a home with a teacher who really cares;
A teacher who believes one day she will get somewhere.
It is that which the world must give her.

She lives in the middle of nowhere;
She is not asking for much;
Some food, her health, an education,
A chance to change her nation.

Whether it is by the day she casts that vote;
The day she dares to dream;
The day she stands strong and educated,
Prepared to fight to make her dream real.

It is only then that we can sit,
And sigh;
We have achieved!
For those who were too weak to speak.

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